Sunday, 1 October 2017

Summer Trips and Beach Hut Goodbyes

A trip to Brixham

Brilliant work from the Pride in Brixham volunteers

Man and Boy Statue which commemorates lives lost at sea and Brixhams fishing heritage.

A trip to the Donkey Sanctuary Sidmouth

A trip to A La Ronde, Exmouth, such a great place to visit

A trip to Living Coasts, Torquay

A visit to the Eden Project in May, the pond was looking beautiful.

A new bed in the Mediterranean Biome, full of Kangaroo Paw plants

A holiday with my friend in Yorkshire in early September

A trip to the wonderful Scampston Hall, Malton, North Yorkshire

A major project is underway in the back garden. I have dug up the slate path to the left of the photo and we took that off to the recycling centre. I am now in the process of digging up the slabs, removing a lot of old plants and weeds and will lay the slabs back in a different pattern.

And finally although it only seems like yesterday we were preparing for the beach hut season, it's once again time to pack up our beach hut until next season.

Not the greatest photos because I used my mobile phone camera. I decided to just enjoy my friends company and visits rather than use the opportunity to get snapping for the best photos as I'm sure it can be very annoying!

Until next time, take care all

Friday, 11 August 2017

Visiting insects this summer

I took a tour around the garden with the macro lens and captured a few lovely insects visiting my wildlife friendly garden.

Hoverfly volucella zonaria, at 20mm in length it's our largest hoverfly. Also known as the Belted Hoverfly, it's more common in southern England (info courtesy of The Wildlife Trusts).

This insect has moved house with me a few times now, the marvellous looking Vapourer moth caterpillar above, male adult moth below. So long as you don't mind them eating your plants you can really enjoy them in your garden.

And here is one of the caterpillars making it's cocoon on the underside of a geranium leaf.

Some lovely visiting bees, I like the pale coloured pollen sac on this bee

I really wasn't sure what bee this was, but it's small and rather lovely. Is it a male Common Carder Bee?

Hoverflies on these yellow flowers by my front door

This spider carries it's eggs around, I'm not keen on spiders in my home but happy to have them in the garden. However I just can't look them up for ID purposes as close up's give me the creeps!

More hoverflies, this one is quite small and on a erigeron flower, I've noticed that this plant really attracts hoverflies.

A lovely bee with its yellow and orange colouring on lavender. I struggled to identify this one but is it a Bilberry Bumblebee?

Not in perfect focus! That's the trouble with the macro lens, the lavender is in focus in the photo below and the bee is a little fuzzy.

It had just started to rain and I caught two tiny raindrops on its head as it turned around (and in focus).

I don't know if you've seen this website but I found a citizen science project called Blooms for Bees which is all about surveying flowers to help improve gardening for bumblebees. It's really worth a visit with lots of information.

I hope you are all well
Until next time